Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Butterfly Cupcakes

My daughter is having an Easter party tomorrow at preschool and we're in charge of bringing the cupcakes. I got this idea off pinterest which it looks like it originates from Martha Stewart's web site. I changed it up a bit to make things better for me and what I could find. My daughter loves to help me in the kitchen so I had an assistant with the cupcake baking and a little bit with the decorating.

 I used a box mix whatever you like. R chose Triple Chocolate Fudge (yup! she's my kid). You make the cakes according the box. When it comes to the decorating I got some of the canned frosting by Betty Crocker. I was feeling a little lazy and didn't feel like mixing up buttercream, dying it and carting out my cake decorating gear to decorate the cakes. I used Twizzler's in chocolate for the butterfly bodies and the fudge covered pretzels "Flipz" for the wings. Riley liked putting the bodies on the butterflies.

So here's the finished product

Since we had a couple extras, I let my kids have a taste test after dinner. This was a picture of E sucking down his milk like a big boy (for the first time without a lid!).
 Anyhow I hope you love them! I thought they were cute and super easy! If R was a little younger I might have made these for her birthday party!

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