Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Essential Oils Experiment take 1

Alright! Alright!

So I got my oils on Saturday (squee!), and I have been having a fun time experimenting with them. On the first night, I rubbed Lavender on R and E's feet and they slept for an extra 1.5 hours which considering it was very much needed I was thankful! I was also feeling a tickle in my throat and worried I was going to wake up with a cold I decided to break out the diffuser that came in my kit and use the On Guard (immune support blend). I did not wake up with a cold I wasn't 100% but I wasn't sick and normally I would have awoke with a sinus infection. I've used Eucalyptus and Lavender to help me sleep and since this is an area in which I REALLY struggle with I was happy to find I felt like I got some very restful sleep (this was the same night that the kids slept in). The kids have since  gotten some oil rub downs after baths to help them sleep. E suffers with horrible cases of eczema so I've put a combo of Melaleuca and Lavender to help soothe his itchy-ness I hope after a few applications I will start to see a big difference in his complexion. At this point if he doesn't stop scratching his entire body is going to be scar tissue. So, these products have inspired me to expand on what I've used. I've ordered some empty gel capsules so that I can get myself on a better path with my Lupus symptoms and overall health. I'm eager to try the Slim and Sassy. I've always gotten really down on myself cause it's always the last 10-15lbs that I just can't seem to get off no matter my diet and exercise routine. So I'm going to see if the oils help me along the way. If your interested in more info check out the doTERRA tab to see more from the company.

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